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How To Use a Tile Leveling System the Right Way

The only obstacle that is between people and a brilliantly tiled floor is keeping it leveled.Poorly installed tiles can play the opposite role to the point that you end up feeling wasted and regretting the reason you didn’t just build a traditional house.

source/image(PrtSc): Landberg Tile TV

However, with the tile leveling system, it doesn’t have to turn out this way.The right tile leveling kit will ensure both your aesthetics and safety. Watch the video from Landberg Tile TV for more info:

As a DIY homeowner, a quality tile leveling system will ensure you achieve a skillfully leveled tile floor with ease.These systems can help you level your tiles perfectly so that you can end up with a brilliantly tiled floor or wall.


The main reason why you should consider buying a good and precise tile leveling system is that it solves three main problems,It makes the floor surface flat,It speeds up the whole process, since you do not need to use any special accessories or walk around to see if the tiles are perfectly aligned

How to Use a Tile Leveling System

  • Spread your adhesive.
  • Insert clip underneath the tiles along the 4 sides.
  • Set your tile and beat with a rubber mallet.
  • Insert wedge into slot at base of clip. Adjustable pliers are recommended.
  • When adhesive sets, separate protrusion using rubber mallet or feet. Beat parallel to the joint.
  • Sweep surface and save reusable wedges.