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How Your Favorite Toy Cars Do In High Speed Crash Tests With 200 kph

How does the DTC Dummies celebrate Christmas? With Christmas tree and a lot of gifts. How dummies play with their toys? They play crash tests – high speed crash tests with 200 kph. High speed crash test with a Wiesmann Speedster, Santa Claus on a Harley, Barbie car, Enzo Ferrari Lego, MAN garbage truck and a rescue helicopter.

image/text credit:  dynamictestcenter

This video is from Switzerland’s Dynamic Test Center of a bunch of Christmas toys experiencing a 200km/h crash test. There were no survivors everything pretty much just disintegrated. For the holidays, they gave their crash test dummies the day off and presented them with some toys to play with.

Then they took them away and smashed them.So, if you’re a toy and thinking about driving around at 124MPH this holiday season crashing into things, think again. The results, unsurprisingly, are devastating—for the toys, anyway.


Every vehicle DTC sends into the wall explodes into a thousand tiny little pieces on impact, leaving almost nothing recognizable. The Lego Ferrari Enzo crash looks especially catastrophic.