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How Your Tattoos Can Live On After You’re Dead!

Tattoos can cost thousands of dollars and mark major life milestones, but unlike paintings, you’ll never be able to bequeath them to your descendants. No one showcases old tattoos in their home.If you don’t want your tattoos to die with you, a new association will preserve them, skin and all. After you’re gone, family can frame them and always have a piece of you to treasure.

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The Cleveland-based National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art is dedicated to making your tattoos truly permanent. Art really is everlasting.Theexecutive director Charles Hamm makes a good point: ‘You would never burn a Picasso or any piece of art you invest in and had a passion for.’

image credit: Great Big Story 

To ensure your body art will remain art forever, your appointed beneficiary must notify NAPSA within 18 hours of the death. The timing is crucial to ensure the effects of death don’t ruin the ink before preservation.


NAPSA will then send the funeral home a preservation kit complete with all the tools an embalmer will need to remove the tattooed skin and the shipping materials to send the skin to NAPSA for framing.

The tattoo will be removed at the funeral home and NAPSA’s formula will be applied to the tattoo before it is shipped to NAPSA headquarters.NAPSA treats the tattoo, that now looks like leather but feels like parchment paper. They then frame it and send it back to your loved ones.