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Huge Rc Bell UH-1Y Huey Turbine Scale Model Helicopter

With recent advancements in scale engine technology, remote control flying machines have transformed into a very expensive form of motorsport.This is the Bell UH-1Y Huey helicopter.

image/text credit:  RC MEDIA WORLD 

The Huey was the first turbine-powered helicopter to enter production for the US military and is most famously known for its service in the Vietnam War. This scale Huey body is based on that famous helicopter and, combined with the SR flight characteristics, is a great combination of scale and performance.

Turbine RC helicopters are big & heavy! The power to weight ratio’s are not nearly as good as they are with electric power or nitro power. In other words, they don’t perform high energy, hard core 3D type flying.


If that is what you are after, don’t even consider a turbine RC helicopter.The giant scale models not only look amazing, but they fly even better.That unmistakable sound of the turbine engine makes the helis sound as real as they look. Occasionally, during startup, you will even see flames coming out of the scale exhaust ducts.