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Huge RC Model Sa-319 Alouette 3 Scale Turbine Model


Aerospatiale Alouette III was a light, multi-role French-made helicopter. A prototype flight took place in 1959, and the machine entered production in 1960. More than 2,000 helicopters of this type, of all versions, were built in its course. The drive, in the basic version, was provided by a single engine Turbomeca Artouste IIIB with 570 HP.

source.image: RC MEDIA WORLD

The length of the helicopter was 10.03 meters, with a main rotor diameter of 11.02 meters. The maximum take-off weight was 2,200 kilograms.This RC model is an impressive helicopter, due to its enormous size it is designed for turbine mechanics only. For transport, the entire tail is removable.

This giant 1/4 scale SA-319 ALOUETTE 3 C has a 2.50m rotor diameter and a Take-off weight of 24 Kg, the length of the helicopter is 2.4m the helicopter is powered by a Jakadofsky turbine engine. The video is recored on RC Scale Helidays by Francis Paduwat in Belgium MCBB – Model Club Basse Bodeux “May 2023” event by RC MEDIA WORLD.


The fuselage is of impressive length, but transport is eased by the removable tail boom: the entire boom can be removed after undoing just three screws.The turbine version fascinates by the smell of kerosene, a gently starting rotor, accompanied by the unmistakable sound of a turbine.