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Huge Snake Caught With Electric Fan Guard Trap, By A Smart Girl!

If you have a garden, and you enjoy spending hours bent over in the heat of the day, few things will unnerve you like a thin, long body suddenly slithering beneath your feet. The snake also likes your garden, and he has been watching you while you pull rocks and weeds out of the soil.

image credit: AHA Factory

Snakes are usually feared and pictured as cold blooded, ruthless killers.They are, indeed, dangerous, no one is denying that, but they’re not very smart and they can easily be captured.One smart girl built an amazing, ingenious snake trap and managed to catch a huge snake with it!

If the above method is too direct, you can try to shoo the snake into a large garbage bin. Place the bin on the ground and guide the snake inside with a broom. Do not hit or push the snake inside; you do not want to injure it. The smooth sides of the bin will prevent the snake from climbing out and will allow for safe relocation.


If your snake is inside the house, you can use a shirt and a pillowcase to remove the pest. Throw your shirt or light blanket over the snake and scoop it up, placing the shirt and snake into the pillowcase. If you have a garbage bin or large storage bin, place the pillowcase inside so the snake may come out if desired. Place a lid with air holes over the container. Your snake is now safe to transport.