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Hydra AAA 01 Hydrogen Motorcycle Concept


A team of designers Anton Brousseau, Andre Taylforth and Anton Guzhov have unveiled the Hydra AAA01 an emission-free two-wheeler that runs on hydrogen fuel cells.

image: Anton Guzhov

It is a motorcycle with fuel cell technology, that is, an electric motorcycle that obtains its energy from hydrogen. Its design is very particular, more typical of a science fiction movie about an alternative and catastrophic future.

image: Anton Guzhov

There are no technical data, no power figures, or anything that helps us get an idea of ​​what this device offers.The technical operation of Hydra is similar to what can be found in hydrogen electric cars that have been launched on the market.


Hydrogen is used to power a fuel cell which generates electricity from the hydrogen, therefore supplying power to the electric motor.To make the electric motor work, the hydrogen stored in a pressurized tank hidden behind Hydra’s center fairing which is used to power a fuel cell that generates electricity from oxygen in the air.

The frame of the Hydra AAA01 appears to be a mix of composites and metal. This needs to be structurally rigid since it’s holding the hydrogen fuel cells and the system using it.

VIAAnton Guzhov
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