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HYMER Venture S Futuristic Motorhome Vision


The HYMER Venture S defines an entirely new vehicle category – an innovative motorhome that satisfies the loftiest demands in terms of design and function. It sets new standards by combining a distinctive appearance and narrow body with generous interior space. As an exclusively equipped off-roader for two people, the Venture S promises freedom without compromise.

source.image: HYMER Center

The striking exterior is not the only clue that the HYMER Venture S is challenging the status quo. Inside, too, the HYMER Venture S revolutionises the traditional approach to camping with its visionary layout concept. A completely new dimension of “van life” opens up on two levels, characterised by the highest standards of comfort, design and functionality.

The Venture S comes with a unique layout that opens up on two floors. The main floor serves as the living and lounging area and is surrounded on three sides by an infinity screen made of real glass, offering an open view of the surroundings. In the middle of the seating area, there is an adjustable table made of solid bamboo wood, which can be folded and tucked away under the bench.


It looks rugged on the outside, with studded wheels, a front light bar and off-road detailing. The inflatable raising-roof and rear sun deck are enticing. Not to mention 320Ah of lithium batteries, making the Hymer Venture S a true off-road vehicle. As a self-sufficient and off-road camper van, the VisionVenture also has an integrated bathroom with maximum variability: The side wall can be moved, the washbasin folded away to the side – and there is already space for a spacious shower cubicle with a rainshower feature. The perfect home for two, the Venture S has a Mercedes-Benz base and all-wheel drive, and measures just 6.46m long and a compact 2.16m wide. It comes with a 190bhp engine as standard.

Technical spec:

  • Price: $250K
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Belts: 2
  • Base vehicle: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Engine: 190bhp with AWD and nine-speed automatic transmission
  • Length/width/height: 6.45/2.16/3.07m (21’2”/7’0”/10’1”)