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Hyperrealistic Drawing Made with Colored Pencils – Time Lapse


Colored pencils were once considered to be primarily for kids, throughout the years they have been steadily gaining respect amongst artists, galleries, and collectors.

source/image(PrtSc): NeeYellow Drawings

Artists are exploring the creative potential of this art-making medium, while art collectors and enthusiasts are marvelling at their output! Watch the great video from NeeYellow Drawings:

A Hyperrealistic drawing of a elderly man wearing glasses and a hat. I created this colored pencil portrait drawing using Faber castell polychromos and prismacolor pencils on Stonehenge paper 250 gsm A4 paper.


I used the white polychromos pencil to help create the hair details and i used it a lot in the blending process.Once you see the step by step development of this portrait, you will understand that the the amount of detailing that the artists puts into the drawing is simply mind-blowing.

VIA NeeYellow Drawings