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Hyundai Electric Double-Decker Bus Concept

Hyundai Motor today unveiled an electric double-decker bus which is a first of its kind for Hyundai, and is part of the company’s effort to help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

source/image: Hyundai

To develop the company’s first electric double-decker bus, Hyundai worked for 18 months on a project supported by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, which began in 2017.

source/image: Hyundai

The bus allows up to 70 passengers ― 11 seats on the first floor and 59 seats on the second floor ― 1.5 times as many passengers as compared to that of a regular bus.The 384kWh high-efficiency battery enables driving distance of 300 km with 72-minute full charging time.


Through the implementation of two fixed-in-space wheelchairs, an automatic sliding ramp and low floor design, the double-decker bus secures added accessibility for disabled and mobility impaired passengers. The Hyundai electric double-decker bus will be equipped with various passenger-friendly features including added accessibility for the disabled.

source/image: Hyundai

The large electric double-decker bus is 12,990 mm long and 3,995 mm high. It runs on an independent suspension system in the first driving axle for a more comfortable ride, and a 240kW wheel motor axle combined with a motor in the second axle that minimizes loss of electricity.