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I Let a Venus Flytrap Digest My Finger For a Day – Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

In this video I let a Venus Fly Trap digest my finger for a whole day! I have always been slightly uneasy with Venus Fly Traps ever since I saw the show Little Shop of Horrors. I decided to test out how dangerous it really is to stick your finger in a Venus Fly Trap.

image/text credit: The Action Lab

I literally strapped the plant to my finger all day in order to give it a chance to digest my finger. I was really surprised by the results! Even if you kept your finger inside the trap, nothing would happen to it. It takes a Venus flytrap three to five days to digest even an insect.

If you stick your finger into a Venus flytrap, the trap will close. Nothing further will happen. Since the trap is really nothing but a leaf, you can easily pull your finger out again, and the trap will reopen slowly.


Playing with the traps is strongly discouraged — for the plant’s safety, not yours. An individual trap can only close seven to 10 times over its lifespan, and every closing of the trap saps the flytrap’s energy, especially when it’s a false alarm. While an occasional demonstration is mostly harmless, continually springing the trap will eventually kill the plant, especially if it is in poor health to begin with.