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Images From Above Reveal An Ancient City In The Middle Of The Ocean

Remains of an ancient city, rumored to be haunted, litter the pacific island of Pohnpei.Ancient ruins in the middle of the Pacific ocean could be the remnants of a legendary race or dare we say.Atlantis. Clips from the Science Channel series What on Earth? reveal images of a mysterious location just off the coast of the tiny nation of Micronesia.via(sott).

image credit: Science Channel 

The remote island of Pohnpei is home to the archaeological site of Nan Madol, yet very little is known about the area and the ruins that reside there. The city appears to sit on top of a lagoon and consists of a series of canals and large stone walls.

image credit: Science Channel 

Studies published by Research Gate show that the complex could date back to the first or second century AD but little has still yet to be verified about Nan Madol.

image credit: Science Channel 

Evidence of the early human activity on the islands dates back to the first or second century BC, but it is not known exactly when the construction of the artificial islets started.via(ancient-origins).


Theories range from the 5 th to the 11 th century AD, purportedly built as a ritual and ceremonial centre for the ruling chiefs of the Saudeleur Dynasty.

The Saudeleur dynasty was the first organized government uniting the people of Pohnpei island, ruling from around 1100 to around 1628 AD. However, this era was preceded by the Mwehin Kawa (“period of building”) and Mwehin Aramas (“period of peopling”).