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In 1972, Olga Korbut Did A Move So Cazy It Got Banned From The Olympics!

Olga Korbut performs her uneven bars routine in the event finals of the 1972 Olympic Games. She scores a 9.800, which tied for the second highest bars score in the event finals. She ties Erika Zuchold for the silver medal. Karin Janz of the former East Germany (GDR) won the gold medal.

“It was amazing,” she later recalled. “One day, I was a nobody, and the next day, I was a star.”The significance of her routine was understood before she even landed.”This is a historic performance you are watching right now in gymnastics,” the American commentator said, moments after the move.

Due to the nature of the Korbut Flip, the judges and the National Soviet Sports Council did not widely accept it, reports Stacy Martin-Tenney, sports marketer and former athlete.


Standing on the high bar was later declared illegal in accordance with the Code of Points — banning the Korbut Flip from Olympic competition because of the high level of risk involved.The Korbut flip is a gymnastics skill performed on either of two different apparatuses. Both are extremely difficult and were first performed internationally by the Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut.