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Indian Engineering Student Has Invented A Machine That Produces 2L Of Water Every Hour From Air

This indian engineering student has invented a machine that can turn air into potable water. The Dewdrop can produce nearly 2 liters of water an hour.Many people in developing areas of the world still don’t have access to clean drinking water and an unacceptable number of people every year die from problems associated with drinking dirty water.

source/image: TeleSUR English

Well, a 22-yr old Indian engineering student, Jawwad Patel has invented a device and named it ‘Dewdrop’ which converts atmospheric moisture into potable drinking water.It is just a bottle which just fills and refills itself on its own.

source/image: TeleSUR English

Dewdrop sucks air using a fan, filters dust, condenses moisture using Thomson and Peltier effect, mineralizes water and stores it for drinking. It is a 3D printed device.Dewdrop weighs about 900g which makes it easier to carry anywhere one goes. The device is powered by a 12V 6000 mAh Li-ion battery.


It can generate about 1.86l/hr of potable drinking water. Jawwad says it can generate at least 1.2l/hr in desert-like areas. He has also devised the interface to control the operation of the device which includes sensors which detect humidity, temperature and other factors.

Jawwad is working on the next version of the product in which he is planning to incorporate a solar cell to power it and also provides the user the choice of hot or cold water.