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INFINITI Variable Compression Ratio Gasoline Engine

Variable compression ratio is a technology to adjust the compression ratio of an internal combustion engine while the engine is in operation. This is done to increase fuel efficiency while under varying loads.

source/image(PrtSc): Engineering Explained

The World’s First Production-Ready Variable Compression Engine.Infiniti’s has developed the first variable compression ratio engine which will ever be used in a production vehicle. The compression ratio can vary from a highly boosted 8:1 ratio, to an Atkinson-cycle running 14:1 ratio.

What this means is the engine can produce significant horsepower by using the low compression ratio with a turbocharger, or it can achieve excellent fuel economy by using a high compression ratio and an efficient engine cycle.


Now there aren’t simply to modes the engine runs in, it can vary and run at any compression ratio between 8:1 and 14:1, allowing for optimal performance and efficiency for whatever the driving condition may be.//Engineering Explained