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Inline 4 Cylinder 32cc Watercooled Miniature Working Engine

This is a Inline four-cylinder gasoline engine model with independent lubrication method. A (0W-30) engine oil must be added before you start, and you must to connect it to the water cooling device and connect the ground wire to the engine.


source/image(PrtSc): JohnnyQ90

The machine has the characteristics of fine appearance, superior quality, excellent workmanship, superior performance and strong practicality. It will be attractive to fans of model engines.//JohnnyQ90

The engine is made from aluminium alloy, it has four 8cc cylindres, the size of the engine is 210 x 120 x 150mm, the cylinder diameter is 24mm, the stroke is 20mm, the voltage is 6-12V and can be powered by 95# / 97# / 98# gasoline fuel.


Can be used as a high-end model gift to others, suitable for collection and as a desktop model, also suitable for modification to RC model, more applications waiting for you to develop.//JohnnyQ90