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Innovative Design for Full-Time Van Life


Join Ermenegildo and Lou as they invite you inside “Bird,” their thoughtfully customized van designed for sustainable living and community engagement. From Quebec, Canada, they’ve crafted a home that reflects their love for the outdoors and efficient living. Discover how they’ve tailored every aspect of their van to suit their adventurous lifestyle, emphasizing water conservation and multi-functional spaces.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Kitchen Innovations: Take a tour of their space-saving U-shaped kitchen, featuring a deep bar sink that doubles for outdoor showers, a recessed induction cooktop, and convertible dining areas that transform into an island workspace. They’ve chosen appliances like an air fryer and an instant pot over traditional microwaves to maximize efficiency and space.

Living and Working Spaces: See how Hery and Lou have integrated technology and comfort in their living area, with a unique fold-out desk that allows for easy transitions between work and meal times, enhanced by a comprehensive audio system for indoor and outdoor entertainment.


Heating and Insulation: Discover the installation of a Webasto heater, which efficiently distributes heat throughout the van, including a garage area to keep batteries warm, essential for their winter travels. Power Solutions: Examine their electrical setup, which includes 510 watts of solar panels on the roof and a robust 400-amp battery system, allowing for extended off-grid adventures.