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Innovative Self Balancing And Self Driving Bicycle


After being injured in a bicycle accident, one of the Huwaei engineers, Zhihui Jun, came up with this innovative idea and became involved in the self-driving bike project.

source/image: Electricku

To achieve this self-driving bike, the team had to equip the vehicle with an automatic control system with a perception sensors network, and a computing chip with sufficient computing power as the brain, in order to alleviate the existence of the driver.

The bicycle can simultaneously track and identify moving targets and avoid obstacles, cross speed bumps, maintain balance, follow voice commands and move in the correct direction.Accelerometer and gyroscope sensors were added to detect even the tiniest motions.


To make the bike stand on its own, Zhihui fitted a metal wheel under the seat that could instantly reverse the direction of its spin to provide angular motion, preventing Xuan from falling over.The bicycle is powered by a lithium battery that can pump enough juice to keep it running for up to three hours.