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Innovative Strut Suspension Axle System U-Turn Concept


With ZF EasyTurn steering angles of up to 80 degrees are possible. Turning and parking maneuvers are almost effortless thanks to the extremely high steering angle. This wheel position also turns larger vehicle models into agile runabouts that can slip into any parking space or turn in a space the size of a soccer goal.

source/image(PrtSc): Guntram Fiala

The innovative front axle system benefits both passenger and cargo vehicles – above all in cramped inner-city traffic, in parking spaces, narrow alleys, construction sites, traffic jams or loading zones.

The video shows a BMWi3 backing up into super-narrow parallel parking spots at ridiculous angles and coming back to its original position without breaking a sweat.


EasyTurn, for example, reduces the turning radius of a typical midsize passenger car from ten to seven meters. And incidentally, the new system fits in perfectly with the current trend toward zero-emission mobility: “EasyTurn is suitable for vehicles with rear-wheel drive, the usual setup in electric cars.//zf

VIA Guntram Fiala
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