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Innovative Two Stroke Direct Injection Engine Technology

Athena presents an innovative and revolutionary technology for 2 stroke engines.

image/text credit: athenaparts

The direct injection system D.I.C.C. (Direct Injection Combustion Control) engineered to introduce into the cylinder thru an injector the fuel needed only at the end of scavenging.With this method the injection is done only with air and not with mixture.

image/text credit: athenaparts

The idea is to obtain regular condition with lean mixture (excess of oxygen) realizing stratified charge status inside the combustion chamber, in all working conditions.


Leave out from the combustion most quantity of lubricant. This system achieves all those aims with a simple and economically advantageous layout from the industrialization point of view, with standard “off the shelf” components.

The short application time and minimal need of engineering in order to apply this technology to existing engines are only a few of the key advantages. The D.I.C.C. technology guaranties a reduction of fuel consumption and emissions of up to 50%.