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Innovative Window That Morphs Into a Balcony

Bloomframe, the innovative window that morphs magically into a balcony at the touch of a button, is no longer a prototype. This revolutionary and multi-award-winning design is now in production and coming to an urban landscape near you.

source/image(PrtSc): HofmanDujardin

It is designed by Amsterdam-based architecture practice Hofman Dujardin. The unique balcony is engineered by French manufacturer Kawneer France. It consists of tough all-weather materials and controlled by a smooth electronic system.

The glass and aluminum Bloomframe window blends seamlessly into the shape of each window encasement.When closed the Bloomframe window offers the same protection against the elements as a standard window.


It unfolds in about 60 seconds and features a manual emergency override system in the event of power failure.. Its dimensions, color and materials are all fully adaptable and can be custom-designed to complement the facade of new and existing buildings./ via/read more: hofmandujardin

The Bloomframe is automated by a tubular motor set above the upper crosspiece of the window’s interior frame. At the flip of a switch, the window can transform into a 3.4-foot-deep balcony.