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Inside the Georgia Dome’s Implosion During Its Collapse!

The Georgia Dome, a venue that was home to the Atlanta Falcons from 1992-2016 and has hosted countless other sporting and entertainment events over the last 25 years, was scheduled to be demolished Monday. Six miles of detonator cords, 4,800 pounds of dynamite used to turn Atlanta’s Georgia Dome into a smoking pile of rubble.

image credit: FOX 5 Atlanta 

Want to know what it was like inside the Georgia Dome during its collapse? Check out this video from a camera in the building.

Instead of bashing away at the Georgia Dome like a piñata, city authorities used a cleaner, more elegant approach. In an implosion, explosive devices take out a building’s structural supports, and the weight of the building does the rest.


If all goes according to plan, the force of the building falling in on itself helps to further demolish any large pieces into rubble. This means the only thing left to do is clean up the pieces.