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Inside the Transmission of an NHRA Pro-Stock

Gray Motorsports gives a quick run down on the Liberty 5speed found in their ProStock cars, via Team Valvoline.This time, we go inside and take a closer look at the link that connects the engine to the eventual power that comes out through the rear end.

image/text credit: Valvoline

From how the car engages in gear to what the gears actually look like, we journey inside the Liberty 5speed transmission found in Gray Motorsports Pro-Stock cars.Hank also does a good job talking about how imperative that gear ratios are in pro stock.

A very experienced drag racer in his own right, Hank is the right guy for the job of showing us how 10,000 RPM gear changes are made in the automotive equivalent of a meat slicer.


These magnesium cased wonders are pulled from the car after ever hit of the throttle and set to the side. That’s not because they break a lot, that’s because of the fact that on any given run teams will alter the gear ratios to get them down the track quicker.