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Inside The World’s Only Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner!

Join me for a tour of the World’s First and Only BBJ Boeing 787 Dreamliner in VVIP Configuration operated by Deer Jet.This Private Boeing 787 was opened for display during the Dubai Air Show 2017. It is managed by UAS International Trip Support, the exclusive global charter management of the “Dream Jet”.

image/text credit: Sam Chui

The plane is a remodelled Boeing 787 Dreamliner which is a commercial aircraft that carries between 240 and 335 passengers.But this one has been transformed into a 40-passenger private jet and is so well-equipped it resembles a flying hotel.via(Sam Chui).

The aircraft is worth £230million, but it can be chartered by members of the public – although it doesn’t come cheap.The main seating area has two large tables which can be used as conference tables or for dining.


Deer Jet’s remodeled “Dream Jet” features a gigantic main lounge area, dining spaces, a beautiful master bedroom with a 42-inch television, a dressing room, and a large bathroom that comes complete with a shower.There are movable sofas controlled by a button. The master bedroom looks more comfortable than 99.99% of bedrooms I’ve ever been in.