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Inside The $2.3 Billion Migaloo Submarine Yacht Concept


The Migaloo super-submarines are the future of both private submarines and superyachts.These innovative homes-at-sea come in four different options (the M2, M4, M5 and M7) and feature everything from helipads, swimming pools and jacuzzis to underwater observation decks and their own mini-submarines. Their design is based on Navy-class submarines and they blow private subs like the Phoenix 1000 right out of the water.

source/image(PrtSc): TheRichest

But they also come with an incredible price tag– the base model is estimated to cost at least $1 billion, while the top tier model will set you back about $2.3 billion.If you’re ever dreamed of feeling like a Bond villain with your own private underwater lair, then the Migaloo is probably for you.

The interiors are completely customizable so you can decorate your villainous hide-out in whatever way you like, and you can store your helicopter, jet skis and boats right on board. If you really want to have the most exclusive sea-life imaginable, then you can even splurge for the matching private island that’s not really an island at all. Kokomo Ailand is another Migaloo design that puts actual private islands to shame.


It’s a floating habitat complete with live trees, gardens and waterfalls, as well as pools, a shark-feeding station, an underwater dining room, and a glass elevator that’ll take you to your own penthouse suite. Here’s everything you can’t wait to know about the innovative Migaloo designs, and why it’s the most exclusive– and expensive– submersible superyacht in the world.via/read more: TheRichest

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