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Installing Saw Blade Wheels On a Dirt Bike


Can you use giant saw blades instead of tires/wheels on your motorcycle? And will they go through the frozen lake. CboysTV youtube channel experiments with making custom wheels for a dirt bike and quad using saw blades, intending to use them on ice.

source.image: CboysTV

They find the wheels are heavier than expected but seem to work well on dirt. The video shows a Honda CRF250R on a frozen lake with saw blades instead of wheels.

We must insist that people shouldn’t try this at home, but its certainly fun to see how the bike was first constructed, then taken out for a ride, then back to the workshop for some more work, and finally smoothly riding along a frozen lake.


Watch this amazing dirt bike with saw-blade wheels on ice. With some technical skill, welding, 650x32mm steel saws, modified disc brakes, and booms, the ice came to life. The end result does seem to work, when the couple head out onto the street, the saw blades provide a little more traction than on a frozen lake, but still look pretty sketchy and are very unsafe in the street.