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Interior Designer’s Cozy RV Tiny Home


Ever wondered what it’s like to transform a space into a cozy, functional tiny home? Join Sarah Bronstein as she takes you on an exclusive tour of her beautifully designed tiny house. Let’s dive in!Your culinary adventure begins in Sarah’s tiny kitchen, upgraded with new countertops, a modern sink, and a stylish faucet. Notice the RV-specific refrigerator, chosen for its electric functionality over propane, and the convenience of a full-size oven and a three-burner stovetop.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Sarah’s choice of woven rattan inserts for cabinet fronts not only adds warmth and texture but also ensures proper air circulation.As you move to the living area, discover how this space doubles as an efficient home office, complete with an extra monitor for Sarah’s interior design and real estate work. This area, once hosting oversized recliners, now features a custom-designed pull-out sofa perfect for guests. You’ll love the clever storage solutions, including a special nook for Sarah’s dog, Elvis.

Need to stay connected on the move? Check out Sarah’s T-Mobile Wi-Fi box, a simple plug-and-play solution that provides internet access wherever she parks.Hear about Sarah’s journey from a bustling city life in New York and San Francisco to embracing the road life after an enlightening 4-month road trip. Learn how the pandemic turned her dreams of tiny living into a reality with this trailer transformation.


From a new RV toilet to pink penny tile flooring, every detail reflects Sarah’s unique style. Though she admits tiling was a challenge, the outcome speaks volumes of her creativity and skill.Step into Sarah’s personal haven, the bedroom, featuring an RV full-size bed surrounded by thoughtful storage solutions. She cleverly utilizes every inch, with hidden compartments for blankets and a water heater, ensuring comfort and functionality.