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International LoneStar Limousine, One Of a Kind Super Limo!!!

A limousine or limo is a luxury sedan or saloon car generally driven by a chauffeur and with a partition between the driver and the passenger compartment. A limousine is a luxury sedan or saloon car, especially one with a lengthened wheelbase or driven by a chauffeur.

image credt: Karen Petrosyan

This is a 30 passenger limousine KING. The magnitude and extravagance of this beast cannot even be imagined through pictures alone. Located in beautiful Los Angeles, this Super-Limo makes the Hummers, Escalades, Navigators and all other limo’s look like mere toys in its presence.via(thebiggestlimo)

International LoneStar Is a once in a lifetime limousine experience. No other limo can match its size and extravagance. Taking over a year to build, we held back on no expense in making the world’s biggest and most luxurious limousine.No other limousine can match her luxury and style.


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