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Invisibility Shield 2.0 Lightweight And Portable


The new Invisibility Shield 2.0 has a front face that’s 17% larger than before, and the Megashield is three times bigger, towering at 6ft (1.8m) tall. It’s spacious enough to conceal multiple people standing side by side.All new INVISIBILITY SHIELDS. Lightweight. Portable. Next Level Cloaking. Roll Up, Pack Small. 6ft MEGASHIELD now available!

source.image: Invisibility Shield Co.

These shields are revamped for stability when freestanding, easy handling, and portability. With improved ergonomic handles, carrying and holding the shield is much more comfortable, while ensuring you stay hidden effectively. When not in use, the shields can be disassembled and neatly packed in dedicated carry cases, saving you space.

Full Size shields and Megashields are constructed from a high grade polycarbonate offering improved strength and durability. Instead of using adhesives to bond layers of material, the main body of each shield is now extruded from a single piece of material. This allows more light to pass through, creating a brighter, clearer and more vibrant rendering of the background. This also completely prevents adhesive related artefacts, like air bubbles and streaks, making our new shields look great at any distance.


The Full Size shield takes the average novice 10 minutes to set up and pack for the first time and the Megashield takes around 15 minutes (with two people). We recommend setting up and handling the Megashield with two people on account of its size. Instructions are included to assist with the first assembly. No power source is required, simply assemble your invisibility shield and place it in front of whoever or whatever you wish to cloak.