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Invisible Chair Hidden Camera Illusion Magic Prank

When we watch a magician perform tricks in a magic show, part of us knows that what we’re seeing on stage isn’t actually real. But when a magician takes their tricks into the middle of a busy city, the line between real and illusion becomes a lot more blurry.

To witnesses, it appears as if a man is levitating in the air (sitting on an invisible chair). It’s an amazing illusion that has been fooling people for hundred’s of years.Watch people react to a guy sitting in an invisible chair

Magician and YouTube prankster Julien Dauphin confounded passersby with his hilarious “invisible chair” trick, which has become a hit online since a video of the stunt was posted over the weekend.


Walking down the street with a newspaper, Julien suddenly stops, bends his legs and sits back.But instead of landing flat on his back, Julien remains sat comfortably upright, despite there being nothing below to support him.