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Is Killer Bee Honey Dangerous To Eat Or Just Dangerous To Get?!

On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew go up against over 30,000 Killer Bees to find out if their honey tastes better than the farmed raw honey you can buy locally. Will they survive the encounter to find out?Get ready to enter the swarm for the ultimate honey taste test!

image/text credit: Brave Wilderness 

Inside the hive we safely extracted several slices of comb and honey to complete our comparison of European Bee vs Killer Bee honey!HUGE THANKS to Chris Britton and his amazing team of Bee specialists for making this video possible. His knowledge of Honey Bees is nearly unparalleled.

There is almost no way to immediately tell the difference between a European Honey Bee and an Africanized Honey Bee (sometimes call the killer bee). They are both honey bees with the same venom, many of the same habits, and same basic colony structures.


A killer-bee sting is no more deadly than a regular bee sting. All honeybees have venom (poison) in their stingers. “Five hundred bee stings hold as much poison as a rattlesnake bite,” says Margaret. People who are allergic to bee venom can die from just one sting. But most people can tolerate hundreds.