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Isabella Camp-let Passion Trailer Tent Setting Up


How to set up an Isabella Camp-let Passion Trailer Tent. Our expert will show you the easy way to build up the Camp-let Passion Trailer Tent.The Isabella Camp-let trailer tents are perfect for the family vacation in nature.


source/image(PrtSc): Camp-let Production A/S

Camp-let isn’t just easy to tow – it’s easy to put up as well. The awning and sleeping compartments are put up easily in a single action. A Camp-let is also really easy to tow behind a car. In fact, it can be towed by electric cars and the smallest cars approved for trailer towing.

Camp-let Passion gives you unlimited access to venture into the great outdoors and enjoy the breathtaking scenery around you. Passion gives you the feeling of freedom and breathing space. You get a compact yet spacious trailer tent that is easy to erect and has room for the whole family. In short: Camp-let Passion is a faithful companion that makes camping in nature easy.


The Camp-let Passion is 18m2 and canaccommodate up to 6 people.Like all Camp-lets the Passion is easy to erect and dismantle with 2 persons, giving you more holiday time and less work. The Camp-let Passion has ventilation features on all 4 sides for the perfect and comfortable indoor climate. Choose between All-round and De- lux kitchen. Either kitchen swing round outside of the awning so outdoor cooking is no problem./Camp-let Production A/S

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