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Italian Volt Introduces Its First Custom Electric Motorcycle the “Lacama”


Italian Volt has introduced its first electric motorcycle. With sportbike performance in mind, the Lacama is designed as a high-end creation that can be customized into whatever its owner wishes: roadster, scrambler, café racer, or even a personal theme.

Italian Volt motorbike is a Roadster with great performances, incredible design and unique technology solutions to provide a status symbol and a new user experience to our selected customers.

Each Italian Volt is unique. Our customers own a limited edition motorbike. An edition of one piece only. With his design elements configured, the vehicle is completely modifiable to design a unique motorbike.


The bodywork, frame, and swingarm are all 3D-printed, letting you choose between cafe racer, roaster, and scrambler configurations in various shapes and colors.

Brembo brakes and an Ohlins suspension provide excellent stopping power and handling, and the powertrain outputs 94 hp.Italian Volt is conceived to be the personal creation of its own rider, working as a sort of design canvas for a tailor-made riding high class experience.