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Jackery Solar Generator Mars Bot


NEW for Jackery CES EP.1: Jackery Solar Generator Mars Bot, winner of the TIME Best Inventions 2023 Award.Inspired by Opportunity, the robotic rover that was active on Mars from 2004 until 2018, the Jackery Solar Generator Mars Bot is a game-changer in the renewable energy landscape. It represents a novel approach to the efficient use of renewable clean energy amid the energy crisis, embodying Jackery’s spirit of exploration in its design and functionality.

source.image: jackery

The robot offers a high-efficiency photoelectric conversion rate and ensures a seamless electricity experience with its superior intelligent movement system.On January 9, Jackery, a global leader of innovative portable power and green energy solutions, introduces its latest innovation, the Solar Generator Mars Bot, which has recently won TIME Best Inventions of 2023 Award, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The robot is equipped with the Automatic Sunflower Solar Tracker system, including autonomous navigation and sunlight tracking, enabling it to intelligently navigate towards areas with strong light for photovoltaic power generation or charging stations when light conditions are poor.The product ingeniously integrates solar panels with the energy storage system. The innovative foldable photovoltaic panels are positioned at the top.


When folded, its compact size enhances the product’s portability and aesthetic appeal. When expanded, these solar wings boast a 600W output, demonstrating a remarkable 25% max solar conversion efficiency.The entire robot is constructed from high-strength, impact-resistant engineering waterproof and dustproof aluminum alloy, offering excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of usage scenarios such as emergency rescue, courtyard parties, big camping shows, RV life, and more./jackery