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Japan’s Most Insane ‘Dekotora’ Disco Truck

FEAST your eyes on one of Japan’s most insane dekotora trucks. Earlier this year, car enthusiast Steve Feldman, managed to track down the whacky vehicle that took more than 10 years and 100 LED lights to perfect.

image/text credit: Barcroft Cars

In the heart of Kisarazu, Japan, Steve hitched a ride in the Sandaimei Bireijo – a former dump truck converted into a well-respected model of the prevalent Japanese dekotora trend.

Dekotora, which literally translates as ‘decoration truck’, can often see owners spend up to $100,000 pimping out their rides.But as with so many other trends from Japan, Dekotora trucks will probably become more widely-known thanks to the internet miracles of articles like the one you’re reading now.


The modifications on the distinctive rigs include lights, custom engines, chandeliers, screens, beds and loud horns.They may look like American vehicles but they are 100% Japanese built and customised – they are very much a part of modern Japanese culture.