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Jaunt ROSA Airplane-Helicopter Combo eVTOL Air Taxi Concept

Jaunt Air Mobility LLC is developing the most advanced, versatile, and eco-friendly eVTOL, electric Vertical Take-off and Landing, aircraft.The Jaunt aircraft offers a unique and efficient system for hover flight that delivers a safe transition from hover to cruise.

source/image: jauntairmobility

The rotor is unloaded in flight, making for a very quiet configuration and eliminating the tail rotor, which cuts out the second-largest noise generator.

source/image: jauntairmobility

Its advanced propulsion design features Jaunt’s patented Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft (ROSA) technology which operates at quiet noise level that is not only lower than fixed-wing aircraft and today’s helicopters but is acceptable to residential communities.


Jaunt’s air vehicle has no combustible liquids which eliminates fire hazards in the air or on the ground. As an all-electric vehicle, it produces zero emissions.

source/image: jauntairmobility

Cruise @ 175 MPH, single pilot, four passengers. The Jaunt Air Mobility demonstrator has flown more than 100 hours with more than 1000 take-offs and landings. Jaunt Air’s goal for its prototype eVTOL is 2023 and available to riders in 2025.via/read more: jauntairmobility