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Jet Capsule SS Supersport Mini Yacht


The Jet Capsule is designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini. The boat is small enough to be easily manoeuvred, yet spacious enough to take a group of friends out for an evenings entertainment and much more. It is designed to appeal to youthful yacht owners who want a small and flambouyant looking yacht.

source.image: Lazzarini Design

The Jet Capsule Supersport is powered from a supercharged 640hp petrol engine, equipped with a jet drive, the capsule is capable of 38 knots of maximum speed.+ full electric docking system.

The Jet Capsule is characterized by its lightweight design achieved through the use of lightweight materials and a carbon fiber upper structure produced via vacuum-infusion molding. In length, it measures 8 meters, offering sufficient deck space to accommodate up to twelve passengers in the waters.


The pocket boat is simple to navigate and spacious enough to accommodate a handful of friends over a drink in the middle of the sea.It is small enough to minimize high costs for being docked in a port but large enough to carry a group of friends in comfort to an island where they can sleep aboard.