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Jet Engines Vs Car Experiment


I was genuinely curious to find out what would happen If these jet engines were run too close to a car so What happens when you put 3 Jet engines against a car? in this experiment, we find out. This idea came from the 3 jets on a Tesla episode where a lot of people in the comment section said that I was burning people up with the jets that were behind me on the road.

source.image: Warped Perception

For anyone wondering what happened to the car, this car is now going straight to the shredder to be recycled, I wanted to include shredding the car in this video because it’s really interesting, but the shredder was closed that day.

And some additional context: was this a good car? This car was a complete non-running car, the engine was ran without oil by the old owner and has 3 broken connecting rods and multiple holes in the block, then while the car was waiting for repair during a storm it got flooded, and now it met its match with 3 jet engines.


why I’m doing this type of video? Because the algorithms have been punishing me, I went to collab with Mr Beast from October 2022 to August 2023, then I suffered a brain injury in August 2023, I just started feeling better about a month ago, So all that time I wasn’t very active on YouTube and at this point I don’t even care anymore. But I was genuinely curious to find out what would happen If these jet engines were ran too close to a car, not to just destroy a car, but this car was headed to the crusher and I decided to use it for this experiment before it got crushed.