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Jet Powered Go-Kart Top Speed Run


I Built another Jet Go-Kart just to see what the Top Speed of the single jet engine go-kart is.In the previous jet go-kart video I did everything except for a top speed run, so here it is, I thought it was kind of weak because I was expecting a lot more but the wind resistance is much stronger than You think it would be.

source.image: Warped Perception

I am editing this video after an injury I sustained recently, so I’m not seeing things exactly the same way I used to right now, I hope this video is edited well lol.

The build starts with a garden variety gokart, with the piston engine and all associated running gear stripped off in haste.The RC-sized turbo jet is then mounted on an elegant aluminium bracket, neatly welded on to the back of the car. It’s hooked up with its electronic controller, with throttle controlled by an RC transmitter.


After pouring two gallons of Hydro Jet-A mixed with oil into the tank, he fired up the jet engine which roared to life.Helmet on and strapped in ready to go, he then took the jet-powered go-kart around an empty parking lot.The go-kart gets about 70 pounds of thrust and the kart itself is only about 45 pounds in the back.