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Jet Shark Semi-Submersible Watercraft Luxury Gt Cruiser


The All New Jet Shark Is An Evolution Of The Highly Successful Seabreacher, Submersible Watercraft That Took The World By Storm Over Ten Years Ago.

source/image: thejetshark

If The Seabreacher Was A Nimble Race Car, Then The Jet Shark Is The Luxury Gt Cruiser.The Jet Shark Is Significantly Larger Than The Seabreacher And Powered By A Kodiak Marine, Corvette V8 Engine.

source/image: thejetshark

The Spacious, Air-conditioned Cockpit Has Comfortable Seating For Four Full-sized Adults And Twin Piloting Controls In The Front Seats. The Jet Shark Offers Panoramic Views With Two Large Gull-wing Doors That Can Remain Open While Cruising On The Surface.


The semi-submersible Jet Shark takes multiple passengers at a top speed of 55 mph.The Jet Shark offers panoramic views with two large gull-wing doors that can remain open while cruising on the surface.

The spacious, air-conditioned cockpit has comfortable seating for four full-sized adults and twin piloting controls in the front seats.

VIA The Seabreacher
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