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JIVR Compact Folding Chainless Electric Bike


JIVR Bike is the world’s best folding, electric, chainless and smart bike that allows you to enjoy the benefits of cycling without any lifestyle compromises.

source/image(PrtSc): JIVR

JIVR Bike offers the benefits of cycling without the lifestyle compromises that come with cycling. No more sweating or mud and grease marks on your clothes. Ride in style!JIVR Bike incorporates the latest technologies.

We developed a state of the art mechanical chainless drivetrain, and built it into the JIVR Bike frame. We have made it hassle and maintenance free for you. What’s more, you can still use the JIVR Bike as a regular pedal bicycle if your battery runs out of juice or if you just fancy getting more exercise.


JIVR Bike folds up in four simple and ergonomic moves into a compact package that is easily wheeled into your building and stored under your desk. It also weighs less than 33lbs (15kg) and our battery is built in.

JIVR Bike is compliant with regulations at 16mph or 20mph (25km/h or 32km/h), offers a 20miles (30km) range, and is charged with a regular 120V (also 220/230V) plug in 90 minutes.

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