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John Deere New All-Electric Battery Electric Tractor


John Deere has developed an autonomous and fully electric tractor.The tractor is is powered by an extremely powerful and capacious battery pack, from 1,000 kWh.The electric propulsion system is capable of unleashing 500 kW, or 680 hp of power.

source/image(PrtSc): TractorLab

The tractor was designed as part of Germany’s GridCON 2 project, with the goal of zero emissions from agricultural machinery.A battery module with a total capacity of 1000 kWh is installed for this purpose.

Depending on the area of ​​application, the tractor can work productively for a whole working day without recharging. Due to the power density of electric motors, the tractor’s system performance is significantly higher compared to a standard tractor, which increases productivity.


Capable of working more productively than previous projects, without having to recharge during the day. The cab can be connected to the machine. Communication between cab and tractor is wireless. The cab makes it possible to drive the tractor both autonomously and manually, with or without a cab.