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Kabe Tower Two Story Luxury Trailer With Rooftop Terrace


This is called the Kabe Royal Tower, widely believed to be the tallest caravan ever built in Europe. Kabe is a Swedish caravan company. The KABE Tower is constructed in much the same way as all other European caravans using a lightweight chassis and composite panels.

source.image: Henrik Værum

The luxuriously equipped caravan has a full 26 square metres of living space across the two floors including the rooftop terrace. The lower floor of the Imperial Tower consists of a spacious and elegant kitchen in the front, a bedroom with two large comfortable single beds and a spacious bathroom with a separate shower cabin.

A spiral staircase leads up to the upper floor’s large cozy furnished living room with armchairs and a flat-screen TV.The air-conditioned van with full-height second floor houses the lounge room and a large balcony with more than enough space for various activities.


All seating is of course made of comfortable leather and the bathroom has more esprit than a spa.

The four and a half meters high and over eight meters long may have trouble passing under some low bridges but then you can drive this Swedish tower on wheels with a preplanned route.The KABE Towers are still considered the largest caravans in the world . All that’s missing is a pool on the roof terrace.