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Kalk& – The Street Legal CAKE Kalk, Electric Motorcycle


CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles, unveils the Kalk& (and).Engineered for the outback & allowed for your daily commute, Kalk& (and) is now officially open for pre orders, deliveries will begin summer 2019.

source/image(PrtSc): CAKE

The supply is limited the first months, made-to-order bikes will be built and delivered in monthly batches.In conjunction with the CAKE Kalk& (and) pre-order and delivery stage, the brand is launching a new video.

Featuring both on CAKE’s website and associated channels, the short film’s release highlights the Kalk& (and) riding potential in the traffic jams & and its off road capabilities.


The technical specs should be more or less the same to the off-road bike(Kalk OR).The Kalk OR uses a 15 kW peak motor, and the same model could end up on the Kalk&. The battery appears to be the same model as the one used in the Kalk OR, which is a 51.8V and 50 Ah Li-ion pack rated at 2.6 kWh,it can hit 100 km/h or 62 mph as its top speed.