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Kaman Kargo Pod Powerful Turbine Engine Civilian Drone


In this video, we take a closer look at the innovative KARGO POD drone, which is set to transform the world of delivery as we know it. This state-of-the-art drone has been specifically designed to carry heavy loads over long distances, making it ideal for use in remote areas or in emergency situations. This thing can carry hundreds of pounds with full fuel you can carry up to 600 pounds.

source.image: MojoGrip

KARGO UAV has a range of 500 nautical miles. With built-in autonomy, KARGO UAV will be unconstrained by no-go terrain, will sense and avoid obstacles en route, and deliver payloads with pinpoint accuracy.

The primary mission of KARGO UAV is to provide military and commercial logistics support. For military customers, KARGO UAV provides a low-cost, low-risk alternative to manned flight operations in a contested environment. KARGO UAV’s fuselage is composed largely of a composite shell around a lightweight aluminum structure, with the pod fitted underneath between two landing skids.


A gas turbine engine powers the UAV’s mechanical propulsion architecture, with the four rotors mounted above the fuselage on an X-shaped set of arms. When the mission dictates, KARGO UAV can transport supplies using standard slingload practices. In this mode, KARGO UAV will automatically compensate for the load it carries while avoiding obstacles.