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Knaus Van TI 640 MEG Vansation MAN TGE 3.140 RV Camper Van


Thanks to the innovative FoldXpand rear construction, the VAN TI offers the largest living space in its class and unique comfort with the usual compact exterior dimensions. As a special VANSATION model, it also offers numerous equipment highlights at an advantageous price.

source/image(PrtSc): JARO SPEED

But it gets even better: From now on, the KNAUS VAN TI VANSATION sets new standards in terms of automotive design and handling also on MAN TGE basis. As the VAN TI 640 MEG VANSATION, it offers perfected driving dynamics and great comfort. The city‐suited space miracle without any compromises!

Slim on the outside but spacious on the inside, this motorhome includes an extra large double bed with space in between. At the front you can sit with 4 or 5 people. The Van Ti MAN 640 MEG is the very latest layout from Knaus. Knaus have also managed to create 190cm of headroom below the lift bed in the new 2022 Knaus Van Wave (just a little under the 196cm elsewhere), together with the largest ‘VAN’ seating group by means of a side seat and comfortable 195cm and 201cm single beds.


The Knaus Van Wave 640 MEG Vansation stands on MAN TGE with front-wheel drive, 140hp with 6-speed manual transmission can also be ordered with 177hp and 8-speed automatic transmission. Due to the low gear ratio, the automatic transmission delivers a positive effect on fuel consumption together with superb driving dynamics.