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Korea’s Ultimate Hangover Cure – Haejangguk

Hangovers: the older we get, the more unbearable they become. But how to beat them? Well if you find yourself in Korea with a splitting headache after too many rounds of soju, we recommend haejangguk (aka hangover soup).

At Seoul’s Cheong Jin Ok restaurant, home of the original haejangguk, third-generation owner Joon-Yong Choi makes the stew the same way his family has since 1937.Congealed cow’s blood, beef intestines, rice and cabbage: this soup does a body good.

Haejangguk refers to all kinds of soup eaten as a hangover ailment in Korea. In translation, it means “soup to chase a hangover” and it usually consists of dried napa cabbage, congealed ox blood and various vegetables in a hearty beef broth.  Popular side dish that usually accompanies this meal is kkakdugi.


There are various types of haejangguk according to region based on ingredients and recipe that give each variety its own characteristic taste.  For example, haejangguk in Seoul is a dwenjang (soybean paste) based soup containing bean sprouts, radish, napa cabbage, scallions, and coagulated ox blood. The broth is prepared by simmering ox bones in a pot with water for many hours.