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KV 6 Soviet Super Tank Land Battleship


KV-6 is a Soviet Super Heavy Tank created by the Soviets using two KV-1s and one KV-2. He is of the only tank to be made of three different tanks. He is also known as ‘The Tank that Lasted an Eternity’ as he lived a long life and went through so many different versions, owners, upgrades and battles.

source.image(PrtSc): Found And Explained

The story starts at a battle between some German tanks and two KV-1 tanks along with one KV-2 tank near a bridge. In the battle, the KV-2 and the two KV-1s died. Stalin orders for the tanks to be rescued and one of the mechanics orders for the tanks to be merged into one bigger tank. The tank is named the KV-6.

The tank’s design included two turrets carrying 76.2mm cannons and another central turret equipped with 156mm cannons. There were secondary turrets with 44mm and 12mm cannons as well, most probably for anti aircraft use.Two 600 horse power or 441.3 KW engines were required to power the Russian land battleship. Still the maximum speed was only 13 miles per hour.


The Russian land battleship KV-VI could carry 15 crewmen and a Commissar. It was 51 feet 4 inches long, 10 feet 10 inches wide and 15 feet 3 inches high. It weighed 138 tons and had maximum armor of 160mm.There are myths of 3 prototypes being built but getting destroyed in frontline without major successes and forcing Stalin to shut down the project.