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Langur Monkeys Grieve Over Fake Monkey – Spy In The Wild

A distraught family of monkeys have been caught on camera grieving for a robotic ‘baby’ monkey after it was ‘killed’ during filming.The rare footage was captured by BBC’s Spy in the Wild, which had been using the robot to observe the langur monkeys’ habit of sharing babysitting duties.

image credit: BBC 

The remote-control baby had been capturing footage in India when it was it was accidentally dropped from a height and was unable to move.The animals can be seen comforting each other having seemingly mistaken the robot intruder for one of their own.

The monkeys believe the fake animal is injured before apparently deciding it has died.The monkeys gather round the motionless spy creature as if it is a real baby.They react just as they do when their own babies die. There is a sense of grief as well as empathy for each other.”


Shot in Rajasthan, India, the footage has shocked and upset viewers of it in equal measure. The Langurs, believing the robot spy monkey to be a dead baby monkey, mourn for it in a way that mirrors the way humans grieve for their loved ones.