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Laser Cut Acrylic Model Of Combination Lock – How It Works


This is an acrylic model of a typical combination lock as found on bank vaults and safes, made from laser-cut acrylic. The model,reveals three inner wheels that turn along with the numbered dial on the outside.

source: thingiverse /image: Theodore Gray 

But the wheels only turn in unison when small pins on each one align in a specific pattern, dictated by the lock’s combination and how you turn the dial back and forth.When all three wheels are properly aligned, notches on each one also align.

Releasing a locking mechanism that allows the lock to pop open.The lock’s mysterious inner workings were always hidden away under a metal case, but this clear plastic replica finally reveals what’s going on inside.


The internal workings of a combination lock are beautifully clever, and satisfyingly easy to understand, once you can see how they work. Students will enjoy knowing how their lockers work!

VIATheodore Gray
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